how it works


The Imag(in)e Project is a collaborative effort between a child artist and Samantha. The child first covers the canvas in a seemingly haphazard fashion with various acrylic color paints and brushes.  Samantha then uses her imagination, some squinting, and a few rotations of the artwork to paint on top of the canvas what the colors wish to reveal.

This process takes about 3-4 weeks and the original artwork is returned to you once completed by Samantha.


You do not have to live in south central PA to collaborate with Samantha! Work with your child to create a colorful canvas, and send it to Samantha. Please send with your painting: the signed and completed Consent Form for Samantha’s additions and a check payable to The Imag(in)e Project (unless using PayPal) to:
The Imag(in)e Project
53 Dietrich Rd,
Mifflinburg, Pa 17844.


Please contact Samantha before mailing in your painting.  Though a few weeks is usually all it takes to finish the project, without prior contact, no guarantee can be made as to completion schedule.

You will be notified when your painting has been received. Now all you do is wait patiently for 3-4 weeks until your painting has been complete and mailed back to you!


A few responsibilities of the parent or guardian (whether painting with Samantha or on your own) are, but are not limited to,
  • Staying with the child(ren) while they paint, and supervising their use of the paints and tools.
  • Helping mix the colors and squeezing out the paint.
  • Determining when the canvas should be dried between colors. (Too much wet color on wet color is just brown!)
  • Helping the child with a single brush at a time. Brushes may be switched, just put dirty ones in water.
  • Drying the canvas with a hair dryer. This is to accelerate the laying of color on the canvas.

Painting with Samantha

Whether a single child or a larger party, Samantha is happy to assist in the initial creation. The home of the Imag(in)e Project is the greater Harrisburg area of Pennsylvania, where she will travel to collaborate with you.

When working with Samantha, the following will be provided:
  • Paint in easy squirt tubes.
  • Brushes, sponges, canvas.
  • Water cups and paper towels.
  • Hair dryers for quickly drying layers of color.
  • Kid and adult sized aprons.


  • We recommend non-toxic acrylic paint.
  • Check out Samantha’s other collaborations to see what can be done.
  • You can paint with a few colors at a time, but too many is just brown. Allow paint to dry before switching to a new set of colors.
  • Hair dryers are great in accelerating the drying process, so the canvas can be completed in a sitting. Otherwise, work on it over a few days.
  • Avoid recognizable scenes or items. If your child wants to make their own houses and lions, they already are seeing what is in their painting. We will not paint over their creations.
  • Some kids love their fingers. With paint. In their mouths. Try using feet, or if they take a pacifier, pop it in.

Note: If you are nervous about your painting(s) and want to make sure they will work, sends us a quick photo, even if it’s from your phone. We can give you feedback on your paintings before you ship them off!


The cost to participate in this project is $85 per canvas + $XX shipping and handling [consider making a chart for the costs of shipping and handling for size of canvas, or just make a flat rate]. Each additional canvas will be $75 + shipping. We hope this encourages you to paint with your friends and siblings!

A check may be sent in when you mail in your paintings to The Imag(in)e Project, or you can pay us through Pay Pal.

Samantha generally spends at least 5 hours on each painting. This time includes understanding the artwork, researching what she has found within, and executing the painting.


Q: Do you take special requests?
A: Samantha wants this to be something you and your child cherish. Part of the adventure is finding out what is in your painting, but Samantha will work with special concerns, e.g., my child is very afraid of spiders, please do not paint any bugs or insects on their painting.
Q: How long will it take?
A: It all depends on the attention span of the child. But the average is about 45 minutes to paint. Allow 3-4 weeks for Samantha until your artwork is returned.
Q: What kind of paint do you use?
A: Non-toxic acrylic paint that is permanent, water based, intermixable and cleans up easily with soap and water.
Q: Are you teaching any techniques?
A: The goal of the project is not to teach particular skills, but to allow the children to paint what they want! They can use the brushes, sponges or just their hands.
Q: Can I leave and then come back to pick up my child?
A: No. This is not a classroom or a day care. We wish to help you work with your child. This makes the children more comfortable and adds more to the story behind the painting!
Q: Can I take the painting home with me right away?
A: If you want Samantha to add to the child's painting, you need to leave the canvas with her so that she can give the right amount of time and creative thought to the piece of art. You can arrange with her when to get it back, usually within 3-4 weeks depending on the size of your group.
Q: Where are you located?
A: Samantha is willing to travel within the central PA area near Carlisle, Harrisburg or Mifflinburg. Mileage may be added to your cost.
Q: What ages do you work with?
A: Any age is welcome! Even if they are just a few weeks old!. As long as you can make a mess, we can paint on top!
Q: Can I mail in artwork and have it returned?
A: Of course! See "Mail in Your Painting" for details.
Q: Can I mail in paintings that are on paper?
A: No, we highly recommend canvas board. This makes shipping a lot safer. Also, when painting on paper, the paper has a tendency to wrinkle. Feel free to contact us with additional questions about canvas board!