about the imagine project


I conceived the idea for The Imag(in)e Project on New Years day of 2015, while I was visiting with my nephew Leif. He was a very avid painter of 2.5 years, so we spent a wintery afternoon indoors painting together.  I watched as he tapped green and blue onto his canvas with his different brushes.  Immediately the pattern and shape of a tree came to life.  After the paint had dried I added in a few lines here and there to solidify the shape.  It was a beautiful collaborative piece that my sister and her son love.  For the rest of my visit Leif and I enjoyed searching through his other paintings, we began to imagine what was in the image.

Samantha has a BFA degree from Pratt Institute with a concentration in Illustration. Aside from her passion in art, Sam comes from a large family that has supported and inspired this project. And of course, without Sam’s love for children and their imaginations, this project would not be possible.