about the imagine project


The Imag(in)e Project started on New Years day of 2015. Our artist and founder, Samantha, was visiting her sister in Boston at the time.  During her visit, Sam’s nephew Leif (2.5 years old), was very excited to show his aunt all of his paints and brushes! As Leif tapped green and blue onto his canvas, Sam immediately started to see the pattern and shape of a tree. After collaborating on this piece, she instantly started to search Leif’s other paintings, and began to imagine what was (in) the painting.

Samantha has a strong art background and has a BFA degree from Pratt Institute with a concentration in Illustration. Aside from her passion in art, Sam comes from a large family that has supported and has inspired this project. And of course, without Sam’s love for children and their imaginations, this project would not be possible.